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International Studies

This website is designed for students, prospective students and others who have an interest in international studies. We hope you enjoy exploring this website. The international studies faculty are always happy to hear from those with an interest in international studies. You can also visit our Facebook page.

You may also want to visit our Program of Study page. This page contains many helpful links and resources.

International studies is the study of the formal and informal institutions and processes of countries and the international system.

The International Studies Program is designed to offer any student an introduction to the international system, as well as earn an Associate of Arts degree in International Studies and/or to prepare transfer to four-year institutions.

Why International Studies?

Knowledge of the international system is essential for an informed public and a functional global system. The program at Northwest College fosters this knowledge and emphasizes the importance of life-long learning. Furthermore, students in the program experience the world of global affairs in many different forms and from different perspectives. Whether enrolling in a course on political culture, studying the intricacies of international relations, or examining the events unfolding around us daily, engaging in international studies at Northwest College is an enriching experience.

A specialization in international studies at Northwest College can lead in many directions. Students who wish to teach at all levels, aspire to work in government, run for public office, be involved with nonprofit organizations, excel in business, or work as a journalist or broadcaster will do well to study international studies at Northwest College. Many students who study international studies also go on to diplomatic and foreign service careers. By earning a two-year Associate of Arts Degree with a specialization in international studies, the student is well prepared for future academic endeavors. The Associate of Arts in International Studies is, moreover, one of the traditional paths to not only the  baccalaureate in international studies, but also masters or doctoral work and careers in the fields of government, politics, international relations, intelligence, and public policy. No matter what major a student chooses, an interest in global affairs might ultimately lead to a useful “minor” in a baccalaureate program of study.

The 2017 Northwest College Model United Nations Team on the grounds of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. To inquire about how you can join the team contace Dr. Steven Walker at
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