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3720 Administrative Officers and Academic Rank

I. Definition of Administrative Officer
An administrative officer is a full-time employee of the College who is on administrative contract.

II. Appointment of Administrative Officers to the Ranked Faculty
The College may grant academic rank to persons who hold College administrative positions. Such appointment is of an honorary and collegial nature, and, although no specific teaching or service requirements pertain, the College encourages administrative officers holding academic rank to teach from time to time and to advise students. The circumstances of this appointment are as follows: 

  1. Administrative officers become eligible for consideration for academic rank one year after their initial appointment at the College. The President, after consultation with the appropriate division, may make exceptions to this policy.
  2. The division holding the appointment must evaluate the individual’s credentials and provide the President with a written recommendation of appointment to a specific rank. In the event the President is under consideration for appointment to academic rank, the appropriate academic division shall make the offer directly to the President.
  3. The rank offered must be in general accord with the requirements of that rank except that the division may give suitable recognition to administrative experience in lieu of the full-time teaching experience customarily expected for appointment to the higher academic ranks.
  4. Individuals receiving such appointments are not eligible for tenure.
  5. An administrator who does not have right of return to the faculty (see policy 3100 "Definition of Faculty") and who wishes a regular faculty appointment may apply for the position. The College shall consider this application as any other application for a faculty position.

Revised & Adopted 04/10/2017