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5440 Leave of Absence without Pay

Staff who have passed their first provisional period may request leave without pay for a period of up to 90 calendar days. Before leave without pay may be granted, all annual leave must be exhausted. In the event that leave without pay is for illness or injury, both annual and sick leave must be exhausted (see policies 5400 “Annual Leave,” 5410 “Sick Leave,” and 5420 “Sick Leave Bank”).

The staff member (or immediate family member, if the staff member is unable) must request leave in writing, to the Human Resources Director, by specifying the purpose, dates, and the number of days requested. Should the leave request extend beyond 45 calendar days, the Human Resources Director and the staff member shall determine a date (typically halfway through the leave period) by which the staff member shall communicate their intent to return to their position. The Human Resources Director shall forward the request to the supervisor and area Vice President for review and recommendation. The President in consultation with the Vice Presidents shall have final authority to approve Leave of Absence without Pay.

Requests for leave without pay for personal educational purposes, not applicable under policy 5450 “Professional Development Leave,” may exceed 90 calendar days, but not typically for more than one semester.

Sick and annual leave do not accrue during periods of leave without pay. Any extension of life, health, and/or dental insurance during leave without pay is subject to approval of the College President.

Revised & Adopted 05/14/2007
Revised & Adopted 11/09/2015
Revised & Adopted 04/09/2018
Revised & Adopted 10/07/2019
Revised & Adopted 02/03/2020; Effective 07/01/2020