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5450 Professional Development Leave

For the purposes of this policy, Professional Development Leave (PDL) is defined as paid leave for study, training, and/or other enrichment experiences in service to the College. PDL shall be subject to available funding.

I. Eligibility

  1. Any regular staff member who has worked continuously for at least five years is eligible for PDL. Interim, Temporary, and Provisional staff members are not eligible.
  2. No more than two PDL requests shall be granted per fiscal year.
  3. Typically, an employee awarded PDL for a full semester or longer shall not be eligible for additional PDL until the completion of six (6) additional years of continuous service from the end of the previous PDL.
  4. Grant employees are not typically eligible for PDL unless funding is available from the budget from which the employee is paid. 

II. PDL Provisions

  1. PDL may be for periods as short as one month and as long as one year.
  2. PDL is leave with pay (salary and benefits) on the same basis as regular employment, paid as follows:
    1. 100% of salary and employer-paid portion of benefits for PDL up to six months
    2. 50% of salary and 100% of employer-paid portion of benefits for PDL greater than six months, up to one year
  3. PDL expenses, other than salary and benefits, may or may not be covered by the institution. Cost sharing by institution and staff member may be considered.
  4. PDL shall be granted primarily on the basis of anticipated benefit to the institution.
  5. PDL shall be granted only where staff absence does not significantly impede the ability of the staff member’s department to operate effectively. 
  6. Any staff member granted PDL is expected to work at the College for at least 12 months following completion of PDL. If they fail to do so, and if PDL expenses, other than salary and benefits, were covered by the institution; the staff member may be required to reimburse the College for expenses incurred by the College, at the discretion of the President.
  7. Upon return, the Area Vice President may request the employee provide a written summary of the PDL experience.

IV. Requesting PDL

  1. Staff member and supervisor work together to develop request.
  2.  PDL requests must be made in writing and shall include:
    1. Specific nature of enrichment experience for which PDL is being requested (attach brochures, letters and registration materials as appropriate).
    2. Description of the specific departmental/institutional benefits to be derived by the PDL experience
    3. Specific dates for which PDL is being requested
    4. Explanation as to why this experience, at this time, is superior to other options 
    5. Specific funding and staffing needs associated with the PDL request
      1. Proposed PDL budget, including both College and non-College funds
      2. Itemization of budget, including salary, benefits, and requested expenses
      3. Staffing coverage needed
  3. Completed requests must be submitted to the area Vice President who shall forward them to the College President with their recommendation.
  4. The College President, in consultation with the Vice Presidents, shall review, rank-order, and form recommendations regarding all PDL requests.
  5. The College President shall approve, disapprove, or take other appropriate action on PDL requests received.

Revised & Adopted 11/13/2006
Revised & Adopted 04/09/2018
Revised & Adopted 10/072019
Revised & Adopted 02/03/2020; Effective 07/01/2020