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5400 Annual Leave

I. Eligibility
All staff who work at least 1040 hours (half time, 12 months or equivalent) per year are eligible to earn and accrue annual leave.

To earn annual leave, staff must be actively employed. Actively employed includes all paid leaves of absence, but excludes periods of unpaid absence. The only exception is for staff on Military Leave (see policy 5470 “Military Leave”).

II. Accrual
Eligible staff who work less than full-time during their assignment period shall accrue annual leave on a pro-rated basis.  

Annual leave accruals for full-time, 12-month staff are:

Annual Leave Accrual Table.png

Annual leave is awarded at the beginning of the fiscal year based on the following:

Annual accrual ÷ 12 months x number of months staff member works x full time equivalency 

Annual leave is not fully earned until the end of the fiscal year. If a staff member uses more leave than is earned at termination of employment, the College shall deduct the difference from the staff member’s final paycheck.

For example: A full-time, 12-month Professional Staff member who has been employed less than five years is awarded 20 days (160 hours) of annual leave on July 1. A staff member who takes 10 annual leave days (80 hours) in August and resigns on September 15, has only earned 4 days (32 hours) of annual leave. The staff member would owe the College 6 days (48 hours) of annual leave, which would be deducted from their final paycheck.

20 days (160 hours) ÷ 12 months x 2.5 months worked = 4 days (32 hours) earned

10 days (80 hours) taken – 4 days (32 hours) earned = 6 days (48 hours) owed back to the College from final paycheck

III. Minimum Usage and Maximum Accrual
The maximum amount of leave that can be carried over into the next fiscal year (annual leave accrual) cannot exceed two (2) times a staff member’s annual accrual amount or 25 days, whichever is less. If a staff member's leave balance at the end of the fiscal year is in excess of the maximum accrual amount, the hours/days may be transferred to sick leave subject to their sick leave maximum accrual amount.

Hourly staff may take annual leave in quarter to one-hour increments. Salaried staff may take annual leave in half or full day increments.

IV. Usage
Annual leave must be approved by the staff member’s supervisor. Annual leave is to be used for planned absences, except in extenuating circumstances. Upon supervisor's approval, annual leave my be used for sick leave if all sick leave has been exhausted. Supervisors have the right to deny leave, if the leave negatively impacts the department, office, and/or College. 

Staff must report their used leave via Web Time Entry. 

V. Payout for Unused Annual Leave
Staff cannot be paid in lieu of taking annual leave while employed.

When employment ends, staff shall be compensated for any earned and unused annual leave. This leave is paid out at the staff member’s current rate of pay. This payout shall be part of the staff member’s final paycheck.

The last physical working day shall determine how much leave is earned during the last month of employment. The last day of employment may not be used as annual leave, sick leave, or be an unpaid day.

Sick Leave Table 2.png

VI. Equalized Pay
Hourly staff who work more than 700 but less than 2080 hours per fiscal year may choose to have their paychecks equalized over 12 months. Annual leave is awarded on July 1 to staff based on section II. of this policy. Annual leave is factored into the calculation for work hours and there is no carryover of annual leave from year to year.

Revised & Adopted 11/13/2006
Revised & Adopted 03/11/2013
Revised & Adopted 08/11/2014
Revised & Adopted 10/07/2019
Revised & Adopted 02/03/2020; Effective 07/01/2020