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4320 Transcript Notation

Northwest College will impose a transcript notation for students who have been found responsible for a serious student conduct violation such as violent sexual behavior under Title IX or an aggressive conduct violation. The sanction for the student conduct violation must have resulted in a long-term suspension (one academic year or longer) or expulsion from the College.

The notation shall read "Suspended/Expelled for Conduct-Disciplinary."

Process for Determining Notation Placement
Process for determining transcript notations will be followed in either the Code of Student Conduct resulting in long-term suspension/expulsion or Title IX resulting in long-term suspension/expulsion. See aforementioned policies and procedures 5700 "Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Harassment" for investigative and disciplinary processes.

When a transcript notation has been determined through completion of one, or both, aforementioned disciplinary processes, the following conditions will apply:

  • Transcript notation can only be used for any Title IX or Code of Conduct violation with a suspension of one academic year or longer.
  • Transcript notation for expulsions can only be used for expulsions that were a result of Title IX or Student Code of Conduct violations.
  • The appropriate Hearing Officer or Title IX Coordinator will notify the Vice President for Student Services, or designee, to obtain final written approval for all sanctions which place a notation on a student transcript.
  • The Registrar will be given a copy of the Vice President's, or designee's, written approval to add the notation of:
    • Suspended after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation
    • Expelled after finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation
  • The Registrar will add the notation within (10) days of written notice from the Vice President for Student Services or designee.
  • Students will be notified by the Vice President for Student Services, or designee, of all sanctions, including the transcript notation, in writing as specified by the corresponding policy in which their violation falls. A copy of this policy and procedure must accompany the written notification.
  • Disciplinary Transcript Notations do not expire, nor are they removed except through the appeals process.

Appeal for Removal of Notation
Transcript notations are assigned as sanctions and any appeals for transcript notations as a sanction must follow the applicable appeal process as outlined in either the Code of Student Conduct or Title IX at the time of the sanctioning.

Disciplinary Notation on Transcripts from Incoming Students
Applicants or admitted students who self-disclose or are found through the enrollment process to have been dismissed or expelled from another institution for non-academic reasons are forwarded directly to the Enrollment Services Director, or designee. The Director will gather information related to the applicant's prior or pending disciplinary action from another institution, which may include, but is not limited to, an interview of the applicant and discussion of events with an official from the institution where the events occurred. The Director presents the gathered information and analysis to the Vice President for Student Services to present to the Behavioral Intervention Team or Title IX Coordinator. Following review of all information gathered, the Behavioral Intervention Team or Title IX Coordinator will recommend one of the following actions:

  • Applicants
    • Admit the applicant to the College with no restrictions.
    • Admit the applicant provisionally with conditions to be determined by the Behavior Intervention Team or Title IX Coordinator.
    • Deny admission of the applicant.
  • Admitted students
    • Continue as a student with no restrictions.
    • Impose provisional status on the student and place a hold on the student account.
    • Proceed with Code of Conduct process to determine sanctions up to and including revocation of admitted status.

The Vice President or Title IX Coordinator makes the final decision on admission status. Applicants or admitted students being reviewed are notified in writing of the final decision and any conditions applicable for admission or continuing enrollment.

Adopted 08/16/2021