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7300 Information Security

The College prohibits unauthorized access to, tampering with, or deliberately introducing inaccuracies, which may result in the loss of informational assets. The use of informational assets to violate any law, commit an intentional breach of confidentiality or privacy, compromise the performance of systems, damage software, physical devices or networks, or otherwise sabotage operations is also prohibited. The College is subject to and follows various Federal and State regulations and standards regarding information security.

Employees, students and guests shall comply with 7310 “Information Technology Responsible Use” policy. All authorized users of the information systems are responsible for minimizing risks and securing information assets within their control. An information security educational program is provided to employees to educate and minimize risk. Detailed information and procedures shall be found on the College portal.

I. Statement of Authority and Responsibility
The Computing Services Director shall serve as the College’s information security officer as appointed by the College President. In this role, the Computing Services Director, with the assistance of the Information Security and Governance Team, is responsible for the review, implementation, and administration of the Information Technology Security Policy and Procedures.

II. Exceptions
Any requests for exceptions to this policy shall be in writing to the Computing Services Director. When administrative approval is deemed necessary, the request shall be forwarded by the Computing Services Director to the College President or designee.

III. Enforcement
Violations of this policy, or any associated documents, may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion. If the individual violating this policy is not a College employee or student, all computer and network access privileges shall be terminated. If the individual received access to College computers or the College network from an employee or student of the College, that employee or student may also be disciplined.

Adopted 12/10/2018