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4510 General Code of Student Conduct Statement of Jurisdiction

The General Code of Student Conduct prohibits misconduct on college premises (buildings or grounds owned, leased, operated, controlled, or supervised by the College) or at any College sponsored event or activity whether it be on or off campus The code may also address off campus conduct at non-college sponsored events when the behavior or the presence of the individual, in the College’s sole judgment, impairs, obstructs, or interferes with the mission, processes, or functions of the College’s students should be aware that the College reserves the right to review and take disciplinary action based on conduct occurring off campus or between academic periods.

If a student breaks a local, state, or federal law that also violates the College’s code of student conduct, that student may be held accountable by both civil authorities and the College. The College may, at its sole discretion, elect to pursue disciplinary action against the student at the same time as criminal proceedings, even if criminal charges involving the same incident are not complete, have been dismissed, or were reduced the College makes no attempt to shield members of the campus community from the law, nor does it intervene in legal proceedings against a member of the community. Membership in the campus does not exempt anyone from local, state, or federal laws, but rather imposes the additional obligation to abide by all of the College’s policies and regulations.

Procedures for Administration of these policies can be found in the Student Handbook.


Revised and Adopted 06/04/2021