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3500 Salary

Faculty salary shall be based on academic rank. Academic ranks are: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Faculty salaries may be adjusted only via institution-wide salary adjustments, market-adjustments, or promotion in rank (see policy 3520 “Requirements for Tenure and Promotion”).

Rank of new faculty members shall be Instructor. Faculty with an earned doctorate in a relevant content area from a regionally accredited college shall be eligible for promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor upon hire.

The President may approve an initial rank that exceeds that which is indicated by this policy. When doing so, the President shall inform the Board of the approved placement.

No currently employed faculty member’s salary shall be reduced as a consequence of implementing this policy.


Revised & Adopted 04/10/2017
Revised & Adopted 04/09/2018
Revised & Adopted 12/08/2019