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5560 Exit Process

Typically, exiting employees shall have a final pay and benefits review with the Payroll Specialist before or on their last day of work. The exiting employee shall be asked to complete an exit questionnaire and may be interviewed by the Human Resources Director. This information is used to determine trends and training needs. The questionnaire is not filed in the Personnel File.

The Human Resources Office shall contact different areas of the College to ensure the employee has no unfinished or outstanding business. (For example, library books, expenses through the Business Office, keys that have been checked out, etc.). If there is any unfinished or outstanding business with the employee, it shall be brought to their attention. If the employee does not either return College owned property or pay back any outstanding debt by the time the final paycheck is cut, the value of the property and/or the debt shall be deducted from the employee’s final paycheck.

In order for the employee to be paid on their last day, Classified Staff must turn in their final timesheet and Professional/Administrative Staff must turn in their final leave report(s) to the Human Resources or Payroll Office no later than one working day prior to their final working day. This shall give the Payroll Specialist ample time to prepare the final paycheck. If the employee has an employee ID, that also must be returned at this time. The check shall be released to the employee after all unfinished and outstanding business is worked out and all keys are returned. If the Payroll Specialist is not present, the check shall be prepared as soon as possible, but no more than five days later.

Adopted 07/19/2006
Revised & Adopted 03/11/2013