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5280 Benefits

All benefits are subject to change and eligibility is determined by employment status and amount of hours/time worked. For more information, please contact the Benefits Office.

I. Definition
Fully-benefited is defined as employees who work at least the equivalent to 1040 hours (1/2 time, 12 months) per year.

II. Insurance

  1. Dental Insurance

    1. Preventative Dental
      Fully-benefited employees are eligible for preventative dental. This is automatic coverage if enrolled in the health insurance plan. Preventative dental covers 100% of one cleaning every six months, bite wing x-rays once a year, and full mouth x-rays every two years.

    2. Optional Dental
      Fully-benefited employees are eligible for optional dental. This coverage is for caps, crowns, fillings, etc. There is no orthodontic coverage under the plan. Please see the plan document for more details.

  2. Health Insurance
    Fully-benefited employees are eligible for health insurance. Employees have their choice of several deductible options. The plan is funded by the State of Wyoming and is administered by Cigna/Great West. There is prescription coverage under this plan. Please see the plan document for more details.

  3. Life Insurance
    Fully-benefited employees are eligible for a term life policy with a decreasing benefit starting at $50,000. The benefit begins to decrease at age 60.

  4. Vision Insurance
    Fully-benefited employees are eligible for vision insurance. VSP is the provider for vision coverage. This benefit is available to eligible employees at their expense.

  5. Flexible Benefit Program
    Fully-benefited employees are eligible for the flexible benefit program. Employees can choose to tax shelter health and dental premiums which are deducted from their gross salary. They can also choose to shelter an amount for dependent care and/or unreimbursed medical costs. 

III. Additional Death Benefit
Fully-benefited employees are eligible for the additional death benefit. If an employee passes away while employed by the College, the College shall pay the legal beneficiary the equivalent to two months of salary.

IV. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employees and their immediate family members living in their household and college students away at school up to the age of 26 are eligible for EAP services. EAP is a voluntary, professional, and confidential counseling service that is paid for by the College. It also features a robust website with many resources including online training. 

V. Long Term Disability
Fully-benefited employees are eligible for Long Term Disability. The College pays premiums for a 50% basic benefit plan, with a maximum benefit of $5000/month. Employees may buy up an additional 10% benefit, raising the overall benefit to 60% up to a maximum benefit of $5000/month.

VI. Retirement
Employees who work at least 700 hours per fiscal year are eligible for retirement. Contact Human Resources for information regarding required employer and employee contribution amounts. New employees have a one-time option of participating in either the Wyoming State Retirement System or TIAA-CREF. 

VII. Social Security/Medicare
Employees and the College pay into Social Security and Medicare.

VIII. Workers’ Compensation
All College employees are covered by workers compensation. 

IX. Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) and Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERIP)
Early retirement programs may be offered to eligible employees.

X. College Facilities and Services

  1. Admission to College-Sponsored Events
    Employees, spouses and dependents living in their household can be admitted free or with reduced admission to many College-sponsored events.

  2. Bookstore
    Employee discounts are available for all employees.

  3. Children’s Learning and Care Center
    The center is available first to children of students and then to employees on a space-available basis. The center takes children from 2-12 as long as the child is toilet trained. Payments for childcare may be made through payroll deductions.

  4. Computer and Technology
    Employee discounts and payroll deductions are sometimes available on various technology and software.

  5. Fitness Center
    Individual memberships are provided to regular staff, faculty, interim staff, and visiting faculty. Adjunct faculty are provided individual memberships for the semester during which they are teaching. Spouses and dependents of eligible staff and faculty may purchase an adult or family membership at a discounted rate. Temporary employees and volunteers are not eligible for discounted membership benefits.

  6. Housing
    Housing is available for employees at Trapper Village West (TVW) depending upon occupancy and student housing demand.

  7. Library
    All College employees have library use privileges.

  8. Recreation Equipment Co-Op
    The Co-Op is designed to make available to students, faculty, and staff most equipment necessary to take advantage of both on and off-campus recreational activities. 

XI. Relocation Expenses
At the discretion of the College President in consultation with the Vice Presidents, the College may reimburse regular fully-benefited employees who incur expenses to move to Powell, Wyoming or to one of the College’s extended campuses for positions that were advertised through a national search (not including the College website). The reimbursement amount is up to 5% of the starting salary. The conditions for the reimbursement are listed below:


    • Employee must present a contract for moving or itemized receipts for expenses paid
    • The amount paid to the employee cannot exceed actual expenses incurred for moving
    • The employee must move at least 50 miles 
    • An employment contract, if a contract employee, must be fully executed
    • The employee must have “moved” to the employment site and established a residence
    • The employee must have worked for the College at least one day

Exceptions to any of these guidelines must be approved by the College President.

XII. Tuition Waivers

  1. Northwest College (NWC)
    Fully-benefited employees, their legal spouse and dependents are eligible for Tuition Waivers through the College. Supervisors may cover the cost of associated fees and books with departmental funds if the class directly relates to the employee’s work responsibilities.

    • Requests for Tuition Waivers by provisional employees, interim, and employees within their first six months of employment are subject to written approval by the employee’s supervisor and the Vice President for Administrative Services and Finance.
    • Fully-benefited employees may take a combination of courses up to seven credit hours each semester. 
    • Tuition and college fees (not course fees) are waived. 
    • For classes taken during work hours, supervisory approval is required.
    • Full-time staff may use a maximum of three work hours per week to attend class. Time beyond three hours per week must be made-up.
    • Staff working less than full-time must make-up all work hours.
    • For classes taken outside of work hours, supervisory approval is not required, however, release time during the work day is not offered.

    Spouses and Dependents
    • Spouses and dependents of fully-benefited employees, who are not employed by the College, may utilize Tuition Waivers for up to 96 credit hours.
    • Dependents for purposes of this policy refer to dependent children equal to or under age 24 at the time of each semester’s enrollment. 
    • Spouses and dependents who enroll in classes are responsible for general college fees and specific class or course fees. 
    • A spouse or dependent is not eligible to receive a Tuition Waiver if their Northwest College cumulative GPA is less than 2.0.

    Spouses and Dependents of Deceased or Disabled Employees
    For purposes of this policy, disabled is defined as having been permanently disabled to the extent that the employee is no longer capable of performing the essential functions of their position, as verified by medical diagnosis and the awarding of long-term disability benefits.

    The spouse and dependents of deceased or disabled fully-benefited employees shall retain their Tuition Waivers, subject to the following conditions:
    • The deceased or disabled was a fully-benefited College employee at the time of their death or disability and had been a full-time College employee for six or more years immediately preceding death or disability
    • The child was a dependent of the employee at the time of death or disability.

  2. University of Wyoming (UW)
    Through a reciprocal agreement with the University of Wyoming, Tuition Waivers are available each semester (including summer). The agreement covers tuition but not fees.
    • Fully-benefited College employees who work at least 40 hours per week are eligible for up to 3.0 credit hours
    • Part-time fully-benefited College employees who work less than 40 hours per week are eligible for up to 1.5 credit hours.
    • Spouses and dependents of College employees are not eligible for the UW Tuition Waiver benefit.

XIII. Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Fully-benefited employees are admitted free of charge to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

XIV. Credit Union
Regularly paid employees may participate in the Powell Schools Federal Credit Union. This is a savings and loan program only. Participation can be through payroll deductions or directly with the credit union office.

Retirement - Revised 09/2010
Housing - Revised & Adopted 02/13/2017
Tuition Waivers - Revised & Adopted 05/08/2017
Relocation Expenses - Revised & Adopted 04/09/2018
Fitness Center - Revised & Adopted 10/08/2018