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3200 Official Faculty Records

I. Personnel File
At the time of appointment, the Human Resources Office, within the Office of Administrative Services, shall establish and maintain an official personnel file. This personnel file shall contain originals of all personnel information except for information that is only related to academic policies. Any official disciplinary actions shall be documented in both the faculty personnel file and the corresponding evaluative portion, which is held in the Office for Academic Affairs (see Section II. Evaluative File). Faculty members shall be notified when items are added to the personnel file, and they have the right to respond to any documents placed within their personnel files. The College limits access to the personnel file to the individual faculty member, the appropriate Division Chair, and appropriate members of the College administration, as specified by the President.

II. Evaluative File

  1. Definition
    The instrument used for evaluation at interim review, tenure, and promotion is the Evaluative File. Each faculty member’s Evaluative File contains information pertinent to evaluation and resides in the Vice President for Academic Affairs office. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall initiate the file for new faculty members at the time of appointment. When a faculty member’s employment at the College terminates, his/her Evaluative File shall be retained in the Vice President for Academic Affairs office.

  2. Responsibility
    The faculty member shall assume responsibility for verifying that all pertinent data is in the Evaluative File. Faculty whose files are incomplete should expect a negative review from the Rank and Tenure Committee.

    However, in the case of promotion only, if a candidate’s file is not complete, the Rank and Tenure Committee may
    1. recommend continued consideration if the omissions are relatively minor;
    2. request that additional specified materials be placed in the file; and/or
    3. request that the candidate consider withdrawing from consideration for promotion.

  3. Access
    The faculty member, the faculty member’s Division Chair, the Director of Nursing, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the President of the College may place material in the Evaluative File. Each entry shall have the date of filing and the name of the person submitting it.

    Only the following shall have access to the Evaluative File:
    1. The faculty member.
    2. The Division Chair.
    3. The Director of Nursing.
    4. The Vice President for Student Affairs (for athletic coaches classified as faculty).
    5. The Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    6. The President of the College.
    7. The Rank and Tenure Committee.
    8. The Vice President for Academic Affairs secretarial staff.

  4. Contents
    The Evaluative File shall contain materials relevant to the time frame of the decision under consideration. All required materials must be placed in the file by November 1 for interim review and by February 1 for promotion and tenure decisions. (See Appendix G for the timetable for interim review, promotion, and tenure.)

Revised & Adopted 04/10/2017