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3430 Faculty Exchange

Any full-time faculty member may be eligible for a faculty exchange. Faculty exchanges shall be granted, at the College President’s discretion, for the purpose of broadening the educational background of the individual faculty member and for the welfare of the institution.

The faculty member shall submit the proposal for faculty exchange to the appropriate Division Chair who shall forward it to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall evaluate the application and submit it, along with recommendation, to the Academic Advisory Council for discussion. The Academic Advisory Council’s recommendation shall then be forwarded to the President who shall make the final decision. The application should be reasonably detailed, stating the nature of the leave and the benefits to be derived from the faculty exchange by the faculty member and the College. Applications for faculty exchange should be made no later than November 1 (or earlier if possible) for the following academic year. The time period for faculty exchanges shall not exceed two semesters.

The College shall grant faculty exchanges with the understanding that the individual shall return to the College for at least one academic year upon the expiration of the leave. The College considers faculty exchanges as Leaves with Pay (see policy 3410 "Leaves of Absence").

Revised & Adopted 04/10/2017