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2410 Board Conflicts of Interest

I. General Issues
No member of the Board of Trustees shall receive any compensation or remuneration or derive any profit or gain by reason of Board membership or by reason of services to the College District. In addition, Board members in compliance with W.S. 6-5-118 must sign a disclosure of intent statement as it pertains to College investments.

II. Federal Communication Commission
Any member of the Board of Trustees having an attributable interest as defined by the Federal Communications Commission in another radio station, or construction permit for a radio station, if the principal community contour of such station would overlap, in whole or in part, the principal community contour of the College noncommercial radio station, shall not participate in any decisions or actions of the Board of Trustees regarding any aspect of or affecting the College non-commercial FM radio station while that person holds the attributable interest.

July 2004
Amended 01/2007
Amended 09/2007
Amended 07/2009
Amended 05/2014
Amended 08/2014
Amended 04/13/2015
Amended 04/10/2017
Amended 05/08/2017