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2800 Authority of the College President

I. Authority
The College President is appointed by the College Board and is directly responsible to the Board. The College President is the chief executive officer of the institution. The Board evaluates the College President, acknowledges the College President’s recommendations, while providing resources to the College President to complete the respective duties.

II. Duties
The College President is responsible for the completion of duties relating to Wyoming statutes, College policies, and procedures. The College President has authority and responsibility for the (well-being) of College finances, records, buildings, grounds, personnel, students, business, support services, and instructional activities.

Additional duties and classification are delineated in the College President’s position description and contract.

III. Conditions of Employment
The terms of the College President’s employment shall be at the will of the majority of the Trustees with terms as detailed in the Presidential Employment Contract.

July 2004
Amended 01/2007
Amended 09/2007
Amended 07/2009
Amended 05/2014
Amended 08/2014
Amended 04/13/2015
Amended 04/10/2017
Amended 05/08/2017