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7510 Family Members on Campus

The College discourages the extended and/or repeated presence of family members in the College working environment.

This policy does not preclude family members from visiting College employees for short periods of time, but rather is intended to avoid situations in which the extended and/or repeated presence of a family member may hinder the orderly functioning of the College and its employees.

It is the expectation of the College that family members shall conduct themselves in a non-disruptive manner while present in the working environment. Employees shall assume responsibility for the actions of their family members when those individuals visit the College. On such visits, the employee shall monitor the activities of his or her family members to ensure:

  • College property is not damaged or misused
  • College employees are not hampered in the performance of their duties or responsibilities
  • Classes, College events or public meetings are not disrupted
  • The safety of employees, children and members of the public; and the confidentiality of conversations is not compromised


Adopted 07/19/2006