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5140 Provisional Period: Staff

New regular Administrative, Professional and Classified Staff shall have a six-month provisional period of employment. This interval is designated as an evaluation period. It gives both the staff member and the College an opportunity to evaluate each other in light of expectations and actual job performance. During this period, the staff member’s abilities, work performance and attendance are closely monitored by his/her supervisor. If, for any reason, on or before the end of the provisional period it is determined that the staff member is not suited for the job for which he/she was hired, his/her employment may be terminated. Reasons for termination during the provisional period include, but are not limited to, demonstrated lack of qualifications, inability to absorb or follow instructions, excess absenteeism, or generally determined unsuitability for the position. Termination during this period shall be without prior notice or right to a hearing and without severance pay. At the end of the provisional period, a formal performance evaluation shall be conducted. 

Staff who are hired from one position to another within the College are subject to a provisional period.

The Human Resources Director notifies the supervisor and the staff member prior to the evaluation. The supervisor shall complete the evaluation, discuss it with the staff member, and obtain the area Vice President’s signature. The approved completed evaluation shall be submitted to the Human Resources Office to be filed in the staff member’s personnel file.

If the staff member’s work is satisfactory and the supervisor has had ample time to evaluate the staff member’s performance, the supervisor recommends to the area Vice President via the evaluation that the staff member be moved out of provisional status. If it is determined by the staff member’s supervisor, in consultation with the area Vice President (or in the event that the staff member reports directly to the area Vice President, consultation with the College President) that a staff member has not performed satisfactorily during the provisional period for any reason whatsoever, and the staff member has not already been discharged, the provisional period may be extended for an additional three months. If the extension is granted, all terms and conditions governing provisional period staff members shall apply to a staff member who has been granted an extension of the provisional period-including the right to terminate the staff member at any time for any reason.


Adopted 07/16/2008
Revised & Adopted 03/11/2013
Revised & Adopted 11/14/2016
Revised & Adopted 10/07/2019