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5290 Equalized Pay

Hourly staff who work more than 700 but less than 2080 hours per firscal year may choose to have their paychecks equalized over 12 months which allows them to receive the same amount of money each month.

I. Procedure
Equalized pay is offered at the beginning of each fiscal year. Electing or discontinuing equalized pay must be done in writing and given to the Payroll Office for processing by June 1.

II. Termination

When a staff member who has chosen equalized pay terminates their employment, the Payroll Office shall audit the staff member’s hours to see if the College owes the staff member hours or if the staff member owes the College hours. The final paycheck received shall reflect the results of the audit.

III. Less than Full-Time 12 Month Staff

Staff who are less than full-time 12 month employees are assigned a budgeted number of hours for their position for the fiscal year. The total number of hours is divided by 12 monthly payments in order to determine how many hours the staff member shall be paid for each month.

The Payroll Office shall calculate the number of work hours a staff member must work during their assignment period in order to be paid in full for the fiscal year. Work hours are calculated by taking the total budgeted number of hours for the position for the fiscal year and subtracting any applicable holiday and annual leave hours. Actual hours worked and sick leave taken shall count against the total number of work hours the staff member is expected to work. Each month, the staff member shall be notified by e-mail of the number of work hours remaining. Staff members must zero out their work hours by the end of their employment period.

For those on equalized pay, annual leave is awarded on July 1 to the staff member based on policy 5400 “Annual Leave.” Annual leave is factored into the calculation for work hours and there is no carryover of annual leave from year to year.

Sick leave accrues based on policy 5410 “Sick Leave.” Staff are allowed to carry over sick leave to the following year and may use it during the months that they work.

If the staff member fails to work all of the hours assigned, an adjustment shall be made by the end of the fiscal year to correct the overpayment to the staff member.

If a staff member works all their assigned work hours before the end of the fiscal year but continues to work with authorization from their supervisor, the staff member shall be paid for the additional hours worked in a lump sum on their monthly paycheck.

Adopted 07/19/2006
Revised & Adopted 10/07/2019
Revised & Adopted 11/11/2019