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5230 Direct Deposit

The College offers a direct deposit payroll payment method to its employees as a safe, confidential, convenient and fast method to receive payments. Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of a payroll payment from the College into an employee’s checking and/or savings account.

The College offers direct deposit of an employee’s net pay to any financial institution in the United States. Direct deposit assures that an employee’s net pay is deposited in their bank account(s) on payday even if they are sick, on vacation or on any other leave of absence.

With direct deposit, an employee’s net pay can be deposited to a checking account or savings account. Employees are allowed to have up to three accounts set up to receive direct deposit simultaneously. 

All employees at the College are eligible for direct deposit. 

The employee’s request for direct deposit must be authorized in writing and shall remain in effect until changed or canceled by the employee in writing. There are Direct Deposit Payroll Authorization forms in the Payroll Office.

It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the Payroll Office when they change banks or bank accounts. An employee may change or cancel direct deposit anytime by notifying the Payroll Office in writing. Any change MUST be received by the Payroll Office two weeks prior to the payday for which the change is to occur.

If the employee wishes to use direct deposit for multiple accounts, it is their responsibility to inform the Payroll Office. Employees who have elected direct deposit shall receive a Payroll Advice which shall show the earnings, deductions, and account(s) to which funds have been direct deposited.

Direct deposit is only available for the last working day of the month payroll. Any payments issued as a result of a payroll adjustment shall always be issued to the employee as a check. In addition, when an employee terminates, the final paycheck shall also be issued in the form of a check.

Adopted 07/19/2006