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6360 Purchasing

All purchasing transactions shall be processed through the Business Office. Purchases must be made by authorized personnel only. The College shall not be obligated for any purchase made without proper approval. Whenever a contract is let by the College, appropriate state and federal laws, including Wyoming’s in-state Contractor Preference Act, must be followed. Contracts shall be let within the College’s tax district whenever possible. Consideration shall also be given to supplier integrity, history of past performance, type, quality, services, and accessibility to other necessary resources. No contracts shall be divided for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this purchasing policy.  

I. Purchases $15,000 and over
Except for contracted services and sole-source purchases described below, the College shall obtain competitive bids for any purchase $15,000 and above. When such amount exceeds $14,999, a call for bids following applicable state procurement guidelines shall be published at least once. The College shall reserve the right to reject any bids and to waive irregularities and informalities in the bidding. Items for which bids must be obtained shall be described in the published call for bids. Specifications shall be available to prospective bidders at the College’s Administrative Services Office.

II. Purchases $50,000 and over
For purchases $50,000 and above, the College must obtain approval from the Board of Trustees prior to obtaining competitive bids. As with purchases $15,000 and above, bidding requirements outlined above must be followed.

III. Contracted Services
In some circumstances competitive bids may not be sought when the product is provided as a reoccurring expenditure including but not limited to utilities, audit, insurance, etc. Justification for expenditures over $50,000 must be presented to the Board of Trustees. Periodic review of contracts shall be initiated at the discretion of the College President. 

IV. Sole-Source Procurement
In some circumstances competitive bids may not be feasible when the product or service is provided by a sole source. In such instances, the Board of Trustees must waive the competitive bidding process prior to making purchases of $50,000 and over. Justification for such procurement must be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. 

V. Emergency Purchases
The College President may receive authorization from the Board President to procure equipment or services in emergency situations. 

VI. Expenditure Notification
In July of each year the College shall submit to the Board of Trustees a listing of items estimated to cost $15,000 or more which may likely be purchased via the bidding process, sole-source procurement or contracted service during the ensuing fiscal year. The College shall provide the Board of Trustees a quarterly status report of purchases of $15,000 or more.

Adopted 07/13/1982
Revised & Adopted 05/11/2015