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5260 Work Schedules

I. Work Week, Hours and Breaks

  1. Regular Hours
    The work week, for payroll purposes, starts at 12:00 am on Mondays and ends at 11:59 pm on Sundays. In general the College offices are open from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm with a one hour lunch break. The Faculty’s work week, hours and breaks are governed by the Board Policy Manual. Because some offices must remain open during the noon hour, staggered lunch hours may be necessary. Similarly, because of many different services that the College provides, work schedules may have to be adjusted to accommodate these needs at the discretion of the supervisor.

    Two 15-minute breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, are normally provided to all staff who work at least eight hours per day. Breaks are encouraged but sometimes not practical due to operational needs. This determination can be made by the supervisor. In order to address the staffing and operational needs of the office/department, the exact timing of break periods is to be arranged by the supervisor.

    Staff working fewer than eight hours per day are normally provided one 15-minute break during each four hours of continuous work.

    Staff may not shorten their work day by not taking breaks.

  2. Summer Hours
    During the summer months, the College may observe a modified schedule. This modified schedule is 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am-noon on Fridays. Summer hours shall begin sometime after graduation and end prior to the beginning of the fall semester. The official dates shall be decided each year by the College President.

    Hourly staff are expected to work the same number of hours per week, but with approval of their supervisor, may adjust their schedules to reflect the modified official hours.

II. Unplanned Absence
The College is aware that unplanned absences are going to occur from time to time. However, when a staff member has an excessive amount of unplanned absences, customer service may suffer as well as employee morale in the area in which the staff member works. These unscheduled absences often cause departmental, divisional, and/or institutional disruption. 

Prescheduled times away from work using accrued annual leave, sick leave, holiday or compensatory time are not considered an unplanned absence for the purpose of this policy.

An unplanned absence is when a staff member is away from work without prior agreement with their supervisor. Staff members who have excessive unplanned absences shall contact the Human Resources Director to determine if their absences qualify for job protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act, see policy 5430 “Family and Medical Leave” An unplanned absence of multiple days due to the same illness, injury or other incident is considered as one unplanned absence when determining the excessiveness of absences. 

The staff member’s supervisor is expected to address excessive unplanned absences which are non-Family Medical Leave (FML) related, and assist the employee in identifying attendance improvement opportunities. The staff member may also choose to utilize the resources offered through the College’s Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) provider. Information on the EAP is available on the Human Resources web portal and in the Human Resources Office. 

If sustained improvement in the staff member’s attendance for non-FML related absences is not demonstrated, the staff member may be subject to disciplinary action. 

  1. No Call/No Show
    Not reporting to work and not calling to report the absence to the staff member’s supervisor is a no call/no show. Typically, staff members shall call in no later than the staff member’s regular starting time or earlier if it is reasonable to do so.

    The first instance of a no call/no show may result in a verbal warning, the second may result in a written warning and the third may result in termination from employment. Any no call/no show lasting three consecutive days is considered job abandonment and may result in immediate termination of employment. 

III. Emergency and Call-In Work
When hourly staff are called in to work outside of their regular working hours in order to remedy an emergency situation, those hours worked shall be paid as “Emergency/Call-In Pay,” set at 1½ times the staff member’s regular rate of pay. This is paid at 1½ times regardless of the number of hours the staff member has worked that week.

Staff members who are called in to work shall be paid for either two (2) hours or for the actual number of hours worked (inclusive of travel time to and from the work site), whichever is greater. 

For purposes of this policy, a qualifying emergency is defined as a need that could not be anticipated and that requires immediate attention (i.e., cannot be deferred to the next working day).

Hours worked for emergency purposes shall not count against the staff member’s yearly allotted hours.

Supervisors are encouraged to distribute any emergency call-in hours among their staff to the best extent possible.

I. & III. – Adopted 07/19/2006
II. – Revised & Adopted 05/14/2007
Revised & Adopted 03/11/2013
Revised & Adopted 10/08/2019