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5300 Position Descriptions

Position descriptions for staff positions are on file in the Office of Administrative Services. Position descriptions provide an information base for staff recruitment, performance evaluation, and compensation.

Position descriptions may be reviewed and updated periodically, at the time of an annual performance evaluation, or at the discretion of the supervisor. Typically, the staff member and the supervisor shall work together to revise and/or update his/her position description. Supervisors are required to communicate any potential change to a position description with the affected staff member.

Updates occur by obtaining the current version from the Human Resources Office. The supervisor and the Human Resources Director work together with any revisions. These revisions are made by the Human Resources Director and then approved by the area Vice President and the Vice President for Administrative Services and Finance. Only substantive changes must be approved by the College President. Upon approval, a copy of the updated position description shall be given to the staff member by their supervisor.

Substantive changes to a position description and/or its title and any subsequent changes in Employment Structure (see policy 5310) are to be reviewed by the area Vice President, Vice President for Administrative Services and Finance, and approved by the College President (see policy 5320 “Classification Process”).

Adopted 07/19/2006
Revised & Adopted 03/11/2013
Revised & Adopted 10/07/2019
Revised & Adopted 11/09/2020