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3440 Tenured-Faculty Reduced Contract

A tenured faculty member may request a less-than-full-time contract for a given year. Such a request is made in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and must be accompanied by the Division Chair’s written support or, in the case of nursing faculty, written support from the Director of Nursing. The President makes the final approval for such a change in contract. A faculty member awarded such a contract is expected to teach, advise, and work with the program and/or division on curricular matters commensurate with the extent of the part-time contract. 

A part-time contract may be renewed on a yearly basis, but typically not for more than three years, contingent upon consultation with the Division Chair, the affected faculty, and the recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and approval of the President of the College. The faculty member on a part-time contract shall provide the Vice President for Academic Affairs with a request to return to a full-time contract or continue on a part-time contract no later than December 1. The President of the College shall have the right not to renew a part-time contract when, in the President’s opinion, program integrity and/or effectiveness will be compromised by such a renewal. Faculty for whom the renewal of a part-time contract is not granted shall have the right to return to full-time status, should they desire to do so. 

Performance time on a part-time contract shall accrue toward the years required for promotion, e.g., a one-half-time contract shall accrue one-half year of service toward promotion. When the contract is for half-time or more, the position shall carry benefits.

Revised & Adopted 04/10/2017