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6610 Naming of Buildings, Facilities, and Memorials

Attaching the name of an individual to a College facility* signifies to the community the importance of that individual to the College. Responding to significant professional, personal, and/or financial support, this individual’s contribution to the very nature and character of the College is given lasting representation through the placement of his or her name on a College facility. In doing so, the qualities brought to the College by that individual are magnified for others to see and perhaps even emulate.

Therefore, proposals or requests to have an individual’s name attached to a College facility must be given thorough and thoughtful consideration, making sure to keep in view not just the College’s past, but its future as well. The following is to serve as a guide to the Board of Trustees in its consideration of these requests.

*A facility may be a building, part of a building, or piece of land.

I. Individual Qualifications

  1. The person must have made significant professional, personal, and/or financial contribution to the College. This contribution may be in one or more of the following forms:
    1. Professional service to the College in teaching, administration, Board leadership, or other function that is exceptional in both quality and duration.
    2. Personal service to the College through community and/or political leadership in support of the College that is exceptional in both quality and duration.
    3. Financial support of the College that is exceptional in its amount.

  2. The person’s commitment and contribution to the College must have had an “Institutional Focus.” Not narrow in vision but instead oriented toward the present and future fulfillment of the College’s overall mission and goals.

  3. The person must be generally recognized as possessing those personal and professional qualities of character to which the College is committed to developing in its students.

II. Procedure

  1. The name of an individual may be submitted for consideration by any of the recognized constituent groups at the College (Administration, Faculty, Professional Staff, Classified Staff, Students) and/or by the Northwest College Foundation or Northwest College Alumni Association.

  2. Names are to be submitted in writing to the College President, who shall then make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Such submissions must include:
    1. The name of the individual being submitted for consideration
    2. Identification of the facility to be named after the individual
    3. An explanation as to how the individual meets the qualifications identified above
    4. Identification of the group making the submission

  3. The Board of Trustees shall consider such a submission, assessing the individual in light of the qualifications identified, the availability of facilities for naming, and the appropriateness of assigning the name submitted to the suggested facility.

  4. Only the Board of Trustees can assign the name of an individual to a College facility.

Adopted 03/13/2000