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5150 Personnel Records

An official file is established at the time an employee is hired and is stored securely in the Administrative Services Office. The personnel file contains items such as application materials, official transcripts, staff evaluations, benefits information, record of professional development, job descriptions, and any disciplinary action sanctioned against that employee.

Access to the personnel file of an employee is limited to the Human Resources staff, individual active employee, their supervisor, the applicable division chair, area Vice President or designee, and the College President. Personnel files are considered property of the College. Other persons, including but not limited to those who are acting in compliance with internal or external College, state, accreditation, legal, and/or federal reviews, audits, and/or investigations shall be allowed access to information within the personnel file only as deemed appropriate by the Compliance Officer.

Review/Release of Information
Upon written approval by the Compliance Officer, any of the above persons shall be allowed to review authorized information within the personnel file. This review must be done in the Office of Administrative Services with a representative from Administrative Services present. Copies may be released to the above mentioned persons upon approval by the Compliance Officer.

Adopted 07/19/2006
Revised & Adopted 03/11/2013
Revised & Adopted 06/12/2017