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6510 Keys

Employees accept full responsibility for College keys issued to them. They are not to be lent to anyone and shall be securely stored to prevent theft. Employees who lend, lose, or have College keys stolen from them and do not promptly report them as missing to the Physical Plant shall be held responsible for those keys and any damages or losses resulting from their misuse.

When keys are misplaced, the cost to the College can be quite extreme, including liability issues. For instance, if one master key is lost, all locks must be redone and all employees shall need new keys. In addition, personal belongings and records may be at risk.

The charges for key replacement are as follows: 

  • Individual lock keys: $5.00
  • Area sub-master keys: $25.00
  • Building master keys: $50.00
  • Grand master keys: $150.00

All employees must return College keys when terminating employment to the Human Resources Office as part of the exit process.

Keys are issued to individuals based on the positions they hold as determined by the Physical Plant and the employee’s supervisor. These keys are issued upon employment. All employees must sign for the keys upon receipt.

Employees who require an additional key(s) to a building, room, and/or office may obtain keys from the Physical Plant by completing a Key Request Form. This request must be approved by the area Vice President.

Adopted 07/19/2006