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5270 Holidays

Staff who work at least 1040 hours (50% of full-time) are eligible to be paid for holidays. Holiday pay is calculated based on the position’s full-time equivalency (FTE). For example, a full-time staff member shall receive eight (8) hours of holiday pay. A three-quarter time staff member shall receive six (6) hours of holiday pay.

The official College holidays are (in fiscal year order):

  • Independence Day – July 4th 
  • Labor Day – First Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving – Fourth Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in November
  • Winter Holiday – December 24th-January 1st 
  • Spring Holiday – Friday prior to and Monday after Easter
  • Memorial Day – Last Monday in May

If Independence Day falls on a Saturday, then it shall be observed the Friday prior. If it falls on a Sunday, it shall be observed on Monday. Any additional holidays must be designated by the College President and approved by the Board of Trustees.

There are 15 official College paid holidays per year. There are years that the Winter Holiday loses a day(s) due to when Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on the calendar. When this happens, the College President shall determine which other day(s) that fiscal year shall replace the day(s) that were lost.

Hourly staff who typically receive holiday pay and are required by their supervisor to work on an official College holiday, shall receive pay for the time they actually work in addition to the pay they would receive for the paid holiday.

Staff who are scheduled to work, per their appointment period, the day prior and the day after an official holiday shall receive holiday pay for that holiday. Those staff who are not scheduled to work, per their appointment period, the day prior and the day after an official holiday shall not receive holiday pay. For example, a staff member who has an appointment period of September 1st through May 15th shall be paid for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Holiday, Winter Holiday, and the Friday prior and Monday following Easter but shall not be paid for Memorial Day or Independence Day.

There are some positions that are appointed to work a certain amount of time over a 12-month period. Those positions shall receive a prorated amount for all holidays based on their full time equivalency (FTE) for each holiday or full pay for each holiday that falls within the academic year, whichever is greater for the staff member. For example, positions that are scheduled to work 11 months over a 12 month period shall receive 92% of each paid holiday, positions that are scheduled to work 10 months over 12 months shall receive 83% of each paid holiday.

Adopted 07/19/2006
Revised & Adopted 11/14/2016
Revised & Adopted 04/09/2018
Revised & Adopted 10/07/2019