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6560 Disposal of Surplus Property

The College maintains an inventory of assets purchased with College Funds, Grant Funds or donated to the College. These assets are considered property of the college and do not belong to specific individuals or departments.    

Assets are considered surplus for disposal once one of the following criteria have been met:

  • Asset is deemed not to be educationally relevant now or in the future
  • Asset is deemed no longer cost effective to maintain 
  • Asset cannot be used by another area of campus
  • Asset has been deemed obsolete 
  • Asset has been deemed abandoned or destroyed
  • Board of Trustees has approved the sale of real estate

With the approval of the College President, the Vice President of Administrative Services and Finance shall be responsible for determining an asset is considered surplus property and shall  dispose of said property in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations as applicable. 

Adopted 03/11/2019