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5500 Resignation

An employee who resigns shall do so in writing to his or her supervisor. (Faculty employees see also policy 3530 “Policies and Procedures Relating to Severance/Termination”) The letter needs to indicate the final date of employment. If the resignation is intended to result in the early termination of a contract, the supervisor and area Vice President choose to either accept or not accept the resignation. 

It is encouraged that Classified Staff give at least two weeks’ notice and Professional and Administrative employees give at least four weeks’ notice. Faculty is encouraged to give notice as soon as possible before the beginning of the next academic year. This notice shall help allow time for a plan to be made regarding the loss of personnel in that position. For staff employees, the last day of employment designated may not be used as a vacation, sick, or be an unpaid day (see policy 5400 “Annual Leave”).

After the supervisor receives the written resignation letter, he/she shall forward the original to the Human Resources Director. The Human Resources Director shall then notify the campus community of the separation. 

Salary due to the employee who voluntarily separates from the College shall be paid on the next regularly scheduled payday. This payment shall be a check even if the employee has direct deposit. 

  1. Classified Staff
    An employee shall be paid for any hours worked through their last day of employment. If an employee is on equalized pay, their final paycheck shall be calculated by taking the total number of hours owed to them minus the amount of hours they have already been paid for.

  2. Professional/Administrative/Faculty
    The employee’s salary shall be prorated through the last date of their employment.

Adopted 07/19/2006
Revised & Adopted 11/09/2015
Revised & Adopted 05/08/2017